The America First Coalition is built on the grass roots activities and efforts of our nationwide volunteers.  We do not ask for membership dues or joining fees.  Our team of volunteers support President Trump and his America First agenda.  The patriots of the America First Coalition do what they do for the love of the country and the desire to protect and defend our constitutional rights.

We support the candidates and officials that support our views and will help president Trump move the America First agenda forward.   We are not part of any political party and will not support a candidate just because of party affiliation.   Our team is built from all segments of the American population who share a singular goal of putting the American people and the American economy above all others.   We expect and will hold all elected officials to do what is best for America and protect its people from all threats, foreign and domestic.

The America First Coalition supports our candidates in many ways.  From the social media activities to organizing rallies and assisting with their campaigns. Our volunteers help in so many ways, they donate their time and talents to help in the many facets of this operation. Many give their time and efforts for the love of their country, by attending events and organizing activities.   Many others are not able to to attend events and actively work with these candidates and the coalition operations.   We have created this page to allow these patriots to contribute to our operation and the advancement on the America First agenda.

By contributing to the America First Coalition, you help make it possible for our members to organize events and activities that advance our agenda.  Your help provides the finds needed to cover the costs of speakers, travel, promotions, advertising, legal fees, operations etc.   If you love America and want to advance conservative Christian values, defend our constitution, protect the 2nd amendment and  help President Trump Make America Great Again, JOIN US!  If you are not able to attend events, or do not have time to work with us, any contribution you can make would help greatly.  Just click on the donate button and enter any amount you can give us.  No matter how small everything helps and is greatly appreciated by our members.


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